Food Menu

OYSTERS on the 1/2 shell
w/ all the fixings
half dozen 18 | dozen 34

CAVIAR |  90
30g New Brunswick
potato blinis, ice cold vodka

house made lemon chicken pâté en croute,
Salt Craft salami selection,
hard, soft & blue cheese, baguette crostini
MOB raw honey, dijon mustard, pickles

Albondigas POUTINE  | 20
lamb meatballs, greek yogurt ranch,
curry gravy, curds, lovage

bistro SALAD |  20
confit pork belly & creamer potatoes, 
tomato concassée petals, toasted slivered almonds, 
blue cheese crumble, devilled eggs 
w/ sherry basil vinaigrette

sour beer MUSSELS | 22
blindman kettle sour, shallots, black lime, 
chili flakes, thyme, butter & fresh baguette

double Robbie SMASH BURGER |  22
fresh ground chuck burger, cheddar, 
butterleaf, tomato, pickles, 
thick cut bacon & grainy mustard crème fraîche
served w/ steak cut fry’s

veg meatball HOAGIE | 20
people food ‘know meat’ balls, 
avocado, grilled zucchini,
sprouts & green goddess cream cheese
served w/ steak cut fry’s

PASTA | 24
mercato made linguini 
w/ mushroom bolognese, parmesan, chives

FISH | 35
seared halibut, artichoke & fennel barigoule,
roasted leeks & beurre noisette

double cut pork chop, porcini mushroom gravy,
house made späetzle & cannellini bean