Food Menu

MENU for FRIDAY MAY 7 ~ PICKUP between 5-7pm

MENU $18

You’re walking in the streets of Paris & the smell of a fresh baguette hits you!!


B A G U E T T E   S A N D W I C H E S

3 choices ! all served w/ house made pickles & fine herb kettle chips

(French ham sandwich)
butter, ham, maldon

house made w/ microgreens, mayo, whole grain mustard

tarragon pickled eggs, tomato, fiddleheads, butter lettuce, meyer lemon ramp vinaigrette

COCKTAIL pairing to go! 2oz $10
Lemon Infused Cognac
Orange Liqueur
Fresh Pressed Lemon Juice
Sugared Lemon Peel

Optional: sugar rim your glass!

SHAKE jar vigorously for a few seconds.
POUR over ice and stir.
DROP in sugared lemon peel. ENJOY!

FEATURING these great wines
from J Webb Wine Merchants! 

Perfect for your friday night or weekend picnic!
Home to the most recognizable
wine region in France – the Loire Valley.

RED – Cabernet Franc
WHITE – Sauvignon Blanc
ROSÉ – Gamay

For the LOVE of food❤️

The passion that lies behind The Eden; from the kitchen to the front. We take pride in the food we serve and the service we give.  With the mish mash of the past year we thought we would do things a little differently for now. Bringing together flavours of the world while still keeping our little flare in the dishes we offer.  Enjoy!!